Organic at Door

Natural Ecosystem

We are powered by this very belief: that our earth and existing ecosystem provides naturally wholesome nutrition for the phenomenal well being of each human on this earth, by maintaining the entire ecosystem with care, purity and zero adulteration.

We have revamped and improved every process in the supply chain to bring you wholesome produce to your homes.

Water infrastructure plays a vital role in creating resilient farms. We employ water harvesting and Water conservation methods .Most produce on our farm gets its water through drip irrigation methods. This helps protect farms and produce from the devastating effects of low rainfall, by enabling crop and pasture growth even when there is little rain.

We conserve solar power and use solar electricity for routine operations on the farm. This helps also in reducing our carbon footprint. We shoot two birds with one stone.

Practicing Organic Methods

50 acre area, where in we Amalgamate -Vedic (traditional) agricultural practices with modern practices of agriculture.

Organic agriculture means going to the roots – working on bringing a balanced, natural, holistic system of farming, correcting the basics first -creating healthy soil. The crops and produce are grown for endurance and natural immunity to disease and parasites. Organic also means NO chemicals, drench, dip, vaccines or artificial fertilisers and No monoculture agriculture.

Instead what is used is organic bio-degradable pesticides (involving No toxins) and using bio degradable fertilisers. Creating Pesticides , Insecticides and Fertilizers using organic wastes or extracts of crop, animal and farm wastes, aquatic wastes - cow dung, cow urine.

We enrich our soil and in turn the plants by making traditional Vedic fertilisers like : Jeevamrit, Panchagavya, Dashagavya

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